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Transformer technical requirements table

Such as: CT or PT, the specific ratio: 1A / 4V, 110V / 3.5V and so on

Such as: measuring 0.5, 0.2, protection 5P20, 5P30, etc., the special needs, specify what temperature

range within what measurement range to meet what accuracy

Such as: a) CT: 2 times the rated current, continuous work; 10 times the rated current, allowing 10s;

                 20 times the rated current, allowing 5s; 40 times the rated current, allowing 1s;
             b) PT: 1.2 times the rated voltage, continuous work; 1.4 times the rated voltage, allowing

                 10s; 2 times the rated voltage, allowing 1s.


Such as: 0 ~ 55 degrees, -25 ~ 55 degrees, -40 ~ 70 degrees, -40 ~ 85 degrees and so on. Whether

in the temperature range to meet the above precision requirements

Preliminary gives the maximum length and breadth of the size, in order to select the skeleton, the model of the shell;

1) whether there is a constant DC component, if so, how much the DC component is, what is the proportion; (PV, wind power, steel mills and other occasions will have demand)
2) Whether there is a decaying DC component, if so, what is the magnitude of the decaying DC component, and the time constant of decay (fault recording, merging unit, etc)

If there is a low-frequency component, it indicates which frequencies have the low-frequency components and the proportions of the respective frequency components (demand for photovoltaic, wind power, steel mills, etc.)

Such as: high voltage protection, low voltage protection, monitoring and control, photovoltaic, rail transportation, wind power, distribution network protection

According to the above requirements, the recommended core type 1) ring nanocrystals; 2) ring silicon steel; 3) insert EI tablets; 4) composite iron core.(This can be filled can not be filled, usually contains DC component or low frequency component iron core is recommended insert EI chip, insert chip EI core with air gap, anti-DC and low frequency effect is good)

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