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low voltage protection with current transformer

low voltage protection with current transformer

Product parameters
  This product is used for 220KV and 500KV relay protection signal acquisition, isolation, insulation, with strong anti-saturation characteristics.
  It can be used in power system relay protection and automation devices in the low voltage level for the protection of the system transformer.
  According to the user's requirements to design and produce products, the following figure shows the Tianrui Electronics many products more representative of several.
  ▇ main features
  Good linearity, wide working range and excellent consistency
  The circuit is simple, no external power supply, reliable operation
  Overload capability, can withstand 20 times the rated current instantaneous red saturation
  Can be superimposed 30% DC component waveform undistorted
  The current and voltage change into place in a single pass, and the measured current will be directly isolated and converted
  Into voltage output
  ▇ the main parameters
  Rated input current Iin: 0-5 A
  The maximum measurement current Imax: 20 × Iin
  Secondary output voltage Vo: 0-10 volts
  Non-linearity: than the difference of ± 0.2%;
  Angle difference <± 10 points
  Frequency characteristics: 45-1500 Hz
  Output load impedance:> 50 kw
  Insulation resistance:> 500 megohms
  ▇ model definition
  ▇ performance indicators
Note: Customers can choose according to system requirements in input and output value range.
  ▇ Dimensions (Unit: mm)
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