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Instrument current transformer

Product parameters
  This product is used for monitoring multi-function meters, intelligent detection instruments, electronic meters and building control systems.
  Can be used for instruments, meters and distribution automation used in current detection of micro-transformer.
  According to the user's requirements to design and produce products, the following figure shows the Tianrui Electronics many products more representative of several.
  ▇ main features
  Small size, light weight, easy PCB high-density installation
  Secondary current output, anti-interference ability
  Low cost and easy cost control
  ▇ the main parameters
  Rated input current Iin: 0-10 amps
  Rated output current Io: 0-10 mA
  The maximum measurement current Imax: 2 × Iin
  Non-linearity: Ratio difference <± 0.1%
  Angle difference <± 5 points
  Frequency characteristics: 45-1500 Hz
  Insulation resistance:> 500 megohms
  ▇ model definition
  ▇ performance indicators
Note: Customers can choose according to system requirements in input and output value range.
  ▇ Dimensions (Unit: mm)
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